Step 1

Step 1: Install Syncthing in Kali & Ubuntu

The installation process for Kali (Debian) and an Ubuntu VPS are about the same. The only variation is in Step 2, where I make note of the difference. Otherwise, Kali and Ubuntu users can follow along verbatim.

First, ensure the apt-transport-https package is installed using the below apt-get command. This will allow you to securely fetch packages and updates from the Syncthing developers.


How to Securely Sync Files Between Two Machines Using Syncthing

How to Securely Sync Files Between Two Machines Using Syncthing

Syncthing, created by Jakob Borg, is a cross-platform, private, lightweight file-syncing (Dropbox) alternative. With Syncthing, none of your data is ever stored anywhere else other than on your computers. There's no central server that might be compromised (legally or illegally). You're essentially removing the middleman (Dropbox) and syncing sensitive files directly between your computers.

The uses for Syncthing aren't limited to this scenario. Between a local Windows machine and a MacBook, we can securely sync browser bookmarks, password manager files, OS backups, media, and much more.


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